Real Estate

Flygreecedrone and its partners, developing an important network of customers in Greece and abroad, are also fully active in the real estate industry offering high quality services. In addition to traditional real estate practices that go hand in hand with the needs of the domestic market, we treat real estate in a more specialized way and market a bit differently. Apart from traditional real estate services in selected properties, we offer innovative and sustainable solutions to property owners, investors and real estate agents.

Our approach is divided into the following services:

  • Real estate services
  • Promotion of real estate with barter financing
  • Real estate crowdfunding

Real estate services

We work with experienced executives in the real estate market. Our agents have excellent organizational and negotiation skills. Above all, they have a friendly and personal approach. We utilize modern technology at the level of platforms and other means of promotion. We combine the experienced management of each property for maximum efficiency and the creation of added value, with Flygreecedrone’s experience. As we prepare our new real estate promotional platform, you can see a brief selection of properties on this page.

Promotion of real estate with barter financing

Listening to the new market trends and utilizing our experience in real estate promotion (aerial photography, 360 VR tours, etc.), we undertake in selected cases, the entire cost of taking photos-videos, in order to promote a sale or rent faster and we are paid only with commission. This is an innovative and attractive way to promote high quality real estate.

Real estate crowdfunding

With this new model you can now invest in real estate with as low as 50€. Until recently, investment in real estate was only available to those who could afford to buy it right away or allocate substantial amounts to investment trusts (property mutual funds, REITs etc.). Those with a smaller capital were cut out of the investment game. Today, there are real estate crowdfunding platforms. They publish real estate projects that require investment and return interests to contributors on a regular basis. Generally, the average return ranges from 7% to 18% per annum, while the payout sum depends on the investor’s stake. The beauty of real estate crowdfunding is in flexibility. Investors are able to contribute any amount of money to any project available, diversify across various types of property, and decide on the term of their participation. Besides, they are not limited geographically. Most crowdfunding platforms publish projects from different countries, thus encouraging foreign investors to participate. Although real estate crowdfunding is a relatively new investment method, it is expected to thrive as a primary source of passive income in the Greek real estate market in the near future.

Flygreecedrone, which always operates on the basis of continuous development and innovation, is the first company to offer such services in Greece. After a careful due diligence process, we have chosen only top tier platforms to work with. We offer investors from all over the world the opportunity to participate in selected Greek properties, but also encourage the Greek public to diversify by investing in the United Kingdom and other European properties.

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