Surveillance & tracking

Drones, apart from their other uses, are also an important tool for aerial surveillance and land and facility monitoring. They offer the ability to protect private or public property by identifying a risk in sensitive areas (such as refineries, warehouses, airports, ports, etc.).

Unmanned aircraft under the handling of our trained specialists can also protect a forest area by conducting frequent flights and recording anything unusual or dangerous that may occur. A common phenomenon is an outbreak of fire that may explode, and through the information provided by the use of the drone, the officers are informed in order to prevent its spreading. It can work very effectively in the surveillance of crowded beaches, watching the bathers safe or unsafe swimming. It can also record illegal fishing activities in an inaccessible seaside area. It can also provide important insights to the work carried in a farming area, supervising staff during their work.

In addition, using a drone, a business can have significant security benefits, from supervising the work of its staff, to supervising its customers, as would be the case in a camp or a large tourist unit. Accident avoidance from various sports activities that can take part in the business, and the supervision of a swimming pool and its visitors, together or separately from lifeguarding (link) to a hotel unit, greatly upgrades customer care, from a security point of view.

The ability to record accidents as well as damages from natural phenomena is very important, which is ensured by the use of drones. Another possibility is to monitor a road network such as a highway and control the traffic of passing vehicles. Now this can be achieved quickly with the ability of the state mechanism, to intervene in areas that need immediate attention, having a full picture of the magnitude of the incident.


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