Editing, music supervision & voiceovers

The art of editing with the continuous development of special software, the information flow and the speed of upgrading digital media, is a fundamental factor in creating and producing a video. Autonomous shots without the use of editing are not considered complete, as they require narration with a beginning, middle, and ending and of course an aesthetic result. Primary non-edited shots are provided only in special cases and collaborations.

The editing as successful and well-crafted as it may be, if it is not “embraced” and enriched by the underlying musical background (soundtrack), it can “ruin” an entire project. Music presents, characterizes, signals and gives meaning to each project.

In some cases, we also provide voiceovers with professionals with whom we collaborate. A pilot of unmanned aircraft must be skilled, but also the people who undertake the artistic supervision must be specialists in the field of visual arts, in order to showcase the shootings. Our company gives great importance to this.


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