Precision agriculture

In the field of Precision Agriculture, the use of drones is becoming increasingly widespread, as the huge benefits it offers are being recognized by more and more farmers around the world.

A drone can supervise in a few minutes a full cultivation of crop land and its crops or spray. With the use special maps, photographs and reports we provide the farmer he can collect useful information in order to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Some of the services we can provide directly to producers – growers are:

– Measuring boundaries with precision (e.g. heredity)
– Counting olive trees or other crops (exact number with GPS coordinates)
– Aerial crop spraying (40 to 60 times faster than the conventional sprayers so far – Example 4-6 stremmata in 10 minutes)
– Immediate recording of damages after a natural disaster – information for immediate treatment
– Potential problems with accurate tracking for targeted treatment (significant cost reduction)
– Measurement of the effectiveness of fly baits and other actions
– Flowering measurement for production estimation etc.
– Checking for adequate irrigation
– Various stress tests etc.
– Percentage of weed or other parasite and in what trees they exist
– Work monitoring (cross-checking of various tractor tasks etc.)

In addition to all of the above, we provide you with a lot of other information and reports from specialized software (which is also checked by agronomists) to maximize the yield of the cultivated land.
We also cooperate with surveyors, agronomists and other resellers of our services.


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