By using flying cameras, flygreecedrone’s team, produces visual material with shots of sports, social events, school events, conferences, speeches, concerts and scientific speeches.

Many of the above in the past could not be achieved by ground cameras, while others were presented using helicopters at an extremely high cost. This now belongs to the past.

The drone can fly high and capture spectacular moments from the action that takes place with panoramic shots and different angles of approach, while also giving to the picture great clarity. Our special drone can also be used safely indoors (precision flying), even in a conference room or in any building, to enter from the front door and travel to each room, creating a much more natural virtual tour with flow, excellent quality and detail than a simple ground station recording.

In an open sea swim race (e.g. triathlon), for example, we can also provide simultaneously lifeguarding with our special waterproof drone.

In addition, our services can be combined with extra equipment (such as 360 mounts, electric dollies, stabilizers, time-lapse cameras, etc.), as well as professional voice overs along with the appropriate music so that the action is captured in a unique way.

So, challenge the competition with the opportunity to present what you want (matches, trainings, municipal events, etc.) in the best possible way in order to upgrade your website, social media presence, etc.


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