Drones at the service of Lifeline Hellas -Silver Alert Life, Hellenic Rescue Team Attica, and various animal organizations.

The benefits of using modern drones are multiple. These flying machines, in addition to stunning videos and photos, also have a savior role when a human life is at risk. They can also detect and prevent a fire that tends to spread, flying over an inaccessible area without endangering human life. They can also monitor beach bathers and often take an active role in rescue efforts with life jackets.

Flygreecedrone has joined forces with Lifeline Hellas – Silver Alert 1065 Line, the Hellenic Rescue Team of Attica and various animal organizations to help as a volunteer in the search for missing people or even dogs who need immediate help through the use of modern drones. Always acting on the basis of its social sensitivity towards people who need it, and with its long experience in handling unmanned aircraft, flygreecedrone immediately responds for the early detection of any missing person (mostly in inaccessible areas) for him and his family.

In addition to lifeguarding with drones in offshore swimming races, which is already being done by flygreecedrone, we will soon be covering beaches in an effort that has already been “embraced” by large companies interested in becoming sponsors.


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