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Investing with EvoEstate, you can access the deal-flow of over 19 partner platforms from just one dashboard.

Auto invest

EvoEstate’s auto invest enables you to create multiple investment strategies and earn passive income.

Secondary Market

An emergency causes a need for immediate liquidation of your investments? No worries – you can sell your investments immediately on EvoEstate’s Secondary Market.

Skin is in the game – always

Every project listed in skin in the game section is a project that company’s founders invest in as well. That way, you know that only the best projects are sourced, because they are putting their money on the line, too.

How it works

EvoEstate is a European online marketplace for real estate investments. They provide retail investors an easy and transparent way to invest in loans, rent and equity projects of real estate companies around Europe. Their mission is to facilitate the free and efficient movement of capital. At EvoEstate, investors can use the marketplace to invest in different types of projects originated by many different project originators. There are no fees for using EvoEstate and investors can start small from just 50 EUR.


  1. Borrowers apply for a loan at the project originator.
  2. The project originator evaluates the application, sets an interest rate and starts the crowdfunding process.
  3. Only carefully selected deals are then being listed on EvoEstate marketplace, where you can select projects to invest in, thereafter receiving monthly payments and interest.

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EvoEstate offers these types of deals:


Investing in rent is like owning a small part of a property. With the lowest risk in this category, you can expect 3%-6% of annual returns as well as capital appreciation with time. The best part is, that with EvoEstate you don’t have to limit yourself with just one property, but have small bits of property across all Europe.

Fixed-interest loans

Investing into fixed-interest loans you become like a bank, providing financing for real estate development companies. This investment type has underlying assets – real estate collateral, which in case of default can protect your investment. You can expect to earn 8%-13% interest annually investing in fixed-interest loans.


Highest-risk as well as highest-reward investment. With this type of investment, you are a business co-owner, therefore you can expect to earn between 14%-30% annually. However, as a business owner you don’t only participate in the gains but also in losses, therefore there is a risk that you could even lose principal.


Capital at risk: please read Key Risks before investing.

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