Photo shooting

Aerial photography differs in the way and method of implementation from classic photography, because by using drones now we are able to photograph subjects from an angle that is not so familiar to the eye (either vertically or in a slope of 1 ° to 45 ° towards the ground), as the classic view from the ground and from our own height. This new technology and wider philosophy of capturing our world is a new field of occupation and experimentation with constantly new evolving capabilities, which of course are accompanied by new rules of use and safety.

Also, a basic element in aerial photography is the use of filters. The incorrect view prevailing among many photographers is that filters such as UV, polarizing (CPL) or ND are not necessary in drone photography. This is a major mistake, as a filter can benefit us in vertical shooting, especially in city photography, as there is usually a high proportion of reflected radiation. The right filter will help us in sunshine, especially in our country, which is intense, so we do not have overexposure.

All of the above, and more, differentiate the shooting perspective in drone photography, compared to a simple ground camera, or a crane camera or even a helicopter shooting, offering us a unique spectacle and images of points that have never been approached so far.

Aerial photography can also work in conjunction with ground photography something which we can also handle with the appropriate equipment.


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