Private & public projects

Aerial video and aerial photography are proven to be the most impressive way to present your projects with the ability to record the project in its various manufacturing phases.

The redevelopment of a municipal square to the progress of the construction of a dam or network, are just some examples of services we offer to contractors, Public-Private Organizations and Enterprises to promote their projects to citizens or interested customers of theirs.

Fields of application in particular include public / private buildings, road or rail network, tunnels, bridges, power or water transport networks, airports, marinas, wind farms or photovoltaic parks, factories, dams, sports or industrial facilities, construction sites, municipal groves / parks, irrigation works etc.

Works that could only be achieved by using a manned helicopter, are now being carried out using the appropriate drone (UAS) and cameras, with much greater flexibility, clarity, much lower cost, immediacy, and accurate flight and shootings planning.


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