External and internal video shots (precision flying)

Using flying cameras, our team, a creative team of pilots and photographers, conducts flights, supporting all of your aerial needs for shooting (indoors and outdoors). Aerial tours will give another dimension to your services, creating a fascinating presentation of everything you want to showcase.

Our equipment includes a variety of state-of-the-art drones with professional high-definition cameras. Our aerial systems are completely stable and quiet in the air, with special sensors, electronic gyroscopes and GPS that allow automatic stabilization. With the use of special software, we can capture very demanding shots while the whole process may have been planned from the ground (flight planning). From the smallest drone for flexibility and interior shots to medium and large drones for more demanding outdoor jobs and applications. We also have a special 100% waterproof drone capable of capturing underwater shots from the surface but also has the ability to transfer objects (eg banners, lifevests etc.).

Our drones can support all types of video / movie productions.

Also, the equipment we use is constantly renewed. Only in this way can we offer modern services to our customers for the best possible result with high definition and affordable price!


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