Tourism & culture

A new concept in the presentation of our cultural heritage with high-resolution photos and videos (4K) has come to give the modern foundations in the development of tourism and the attraction of visitors from all over the world.

Flygreecedrone’s team, using cutting edge flying cameras, captures impressive shots with effects of the entire sight, landscape, or cultural space you want to be displayed. We can work with municipalities or regions of Greece in order to promote the country’s beauties in the countryside and to show places that have never been approached to this day (hidden paradises).

Well-designed drone shots create a sense of awe and interest that the land camera or a simple ground video cannot highlight.

It is an important advantage now for all tourism businesses to be able to present on their website and social media, impressive aerial videos and photos from places of interest and cultural heritage that surround them. This attracts more tourists and overtakes competition. Such places may be cultural sites, national parks, landscapes of natural beauty, islands, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, caves, castles, museums, traditional houses, historical or preserved buildings, ski resorts, marine parks, habitats, harbors-marinas, islets and others.


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