Movable property & real estate

Real estate marketing is one of the most difficult things today. Competition is great and the way of displaying a property is extremely important, since electronic listings produce most of the customers worldwide. Almost every property buyer starts his search online. So, it can be really difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Things have changed nowadays and you market a completely different image of your property for sale or rent through the use of drones! Using flying cameras, our team can produce high-end visual material with landscapes, seas and mountain views. We conduct flights around outside buildings, homes, plots, fields, even islets. Apart from real estate, there are also movable assets that we undertake to highlight such as industrial equipment, merchant ships, tourist boats, yachts, airplanes / helicopters, vehicles, construction machinery and more.

Many of the above could not be captured by a ground camera and others were presented with simple terrestrial photos or sometimes with a snapshot from a mobile phone, requiring the on-site presence of the customer in order to select and evaluate what is of interest to him. This now belongs to the past.

Something else you need to know is that compared to aerial shootings using airplanes or helicopters, photography and videography with drones is much cheaper and easier to organize.


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