Productions & advertising

Technology has now also evolved in the field of production and advertising. In the past we shot video carrying a huge recorder, then came the camcorders, the digital cameras, and now the flying cameras – drones. One can achieve equal results, if not better, without the use of expensive cranes or manned aircrafts – helicopters.

Now it can be much easier to get aerial shots using UAVs (drones), but it is still a complex and highly demanding job. In addition to the high costs associated with obtaining and maintaining a range of drones, a safe and skilled operator is needed. Drones are not entertainment devices, as modern marketing may require.

Knowing the difficulties of acquiring and maintaining a modern and reliable drone as a professional tool, our team lets you focus on the ground scenario and supports all your exterior and indoor aerial needs (precision flying). We can also give directors or other involved parties the ability to view and control the camera from a second monitor.

Air tours and photos will give another dimension to your services. The equipment we have, includes a variety of drones. From the smallest for flexibility and interior shots to medium and large drones. We also have a special 100% waterproof drone capable of capturing underwater shots from the surface but also has the ability to transfer objects (eg banners, lifevests etc.).

Flygreecedrone can work with companies and individuals who are active in the field of photography, video, advertising, media, television and cinema production.


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