VR Tours (360 ° photos, drone videos etc.)

VR Tours (360 °, drone videos etc.): Reach anyone, anywhere more effectively.

Virtual Tours are widely used by real estate agents, developers, architects, construction companies, educational institutions and advertising agencies.

Don’t just show images to your clients – give them an integrated experience!

With 360° content, drone videos and Virtual Tours you engage your audience.

We provide content to seamlessly integrate into your website, social media etc.

360° images and VR Tours are featured on mobiles too.

Over 50% of your clients are on mobiles. Give them the best experience! With the platforms we use our tours get an optimized 360° player experience for mobile devices. Viewers will enjoy your 360° content on a small screen as much as they do on a large one.

Why property managers need virtual tours?

They are a next-level marketing tool.

Virtual Tours are much more impressive and attract the highest bidders with less effort. Generate leads by sharing your tour on social media, text, email, and on property websites. Landlords cannot resist!

Effective internal communications

Store details of the property, including facilities manuals, in an easy-to-read format for you, tenants, vendors and maintenance staff.

Monitor changes to property

For rentals: guests checking in/out.

For buyers/sellers: latest updates on renovations, historic data, appliances, etc.

Flygreecedrone uses cutting edge technology to bring you an entire new viewing experience.

We shoot 360 ° land and aerial photos, capture still images with professional equipment (DSLR cameras, drones etc.), fly indoors and outdoors and record impressive videos. Then we edit the material, add information, music & narration and combine all into captivating VR Tours.

Depending on your needs and budget we can bring you the right VR Tour. From a combination of just 360 ° photos (Basic version) to a mix of videos, still images, 360 ° photos, music, narration, all in clickable hotspots (Premium version).

If you are already into photography, 360 ° platforms, virtual tours we can provide you with additional services (internal and external drone shots, difficult captures, professional voice over, music supervision, video editing etc.).

Ask to find out about our ready-made packages or request a personalized quote.

Here you can view 2 examples of the Premium package (contains 360 ° and regular photos, drone shots, clickable hotspots, videos, music and narration). Both apartments are in Athens in the areas of Syggrou Fix and Kolonaki.

Here you can view 2 examples of the Basic package (contains 360 ° photos and drone shots). Both apartments are in Athens in the areas of Syggrou Fix and Kolonaki.

Video from an apartment in Athens (Syggrou Fix aera)

Video from an apartment in Athens (Kolonaki aera)


A 360 ° image of a construction site. The renovation of a neoclassical building in Piraeus.

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